Investment Management

Investment Management

Your gain is our gain. We believe by aligning our interest with that of our clients we have adopted a sustainable growth formula. Relying on a research team dedicated to staying ahead of the most recent market dynamics and offering a wide variety of products, we remain committed to catering for the ever-changing investment needs of our clients.

Private Portfolios

Premium is personal. Kian client relationship managers work hand in hand with portfolio managers, to deliver bespoke services to private clients. Client satisfaction is closely measured as a basis for the relationship managers’ performance evaluation.

Iran domiciled funds

From fixed income through to growth equity, our regulated funds offer investment strategies for every appetite. Our fixed income ETF invests in prime rated fixed income securities and bank deposits. It targets rates higher than those offered by banks with the added benefit of a well-diversified risk allocation. It is also liquid with no minimum investments and no early withdrawal penalties.

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