Kian Debt Market Observer

KFI Index yield return to its peak in the last 6 months

  • Following the certificate of deposit issuance with the rate of 20% by CBI, Kian Fixed Income Index (KFI Index) yield increased by 1.66% while it had started to boost since two weeks ago.
  • Islamic Treasury Bills transactions with the TKRs “TB201“, “TB231“, “TB211“, and “TB241” (YTMs of 21.48%, 21.35%, 18.68% and 21.45% respectively) and total value of IRR 5tr began.
  • IRR 1,000bn Standard Parallel Salam of Polystyrene will be issued by Polystyrene Petrochemical Industries Development Co. in the derivative market of Iran Energy Exchange with annual rate of 17.5%.
  • IKCO will issue Murabaha as the first-highest-ever value bond in the Iran automotive industry with the value of IRR 7tr.
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