Trades of USD 552 mn of sovereign Ijarah bonds commenced in Iran Farabourse with floating coupon rate for the first time.

Secondary trades of Islamic Treasury Bill (BT061) started in Iran Farabourseon Tuesday worth over IRR 9.5 tr (USD 243 mn)* and 6 months maturity. Therefore, more than IRR 88 tr (USD 2.2 bn) Islamic T-Bills have been listed during the last month. Moreover, TB10 worth IRR 15 tr(USD 385 mn) will be matured next week.

Sovereign Ijarah Sukuk-Ijarah3 and Ijarah42, trades began in Faraboursemarket. These papers have 4-year maturity period and nominal values of IRR 20 tr (USD 512 mn) and IRR 1.5 tr (USD 38mn), respectively with a coupon rate of 15% and semiannual payments for the first year.

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